The Story of our St Charles Learning Center

As the mother of two I understand how difficult it can be when your child is struggling, falling behind his or her peers or maybe just not living up to the potential that you know exists within, yet remains below the surface, just out of reach.

I’ve been there personally and I’ve experienced it first hand as a teacher.

You see, when I first became a teacher I couldn’t wait to get into the classroom and begin to help my students unlocktheir potential and realize their dreams.

Unfortunately, here’s what I learned. No matter how hard I tried to connect on an individual level with each of my students I simply couldn’t provide the personalized level of attention I really wanted to because I was teaching 5 classes a day and each of those classes had 25 students!

At the end of the period it was impossible for me to know who really understood the lesson completely, who had a pretty good understanding and who didn’t get it at all. I found this very frustrating.

However, after school when students came to me individually for additional help and I was able to spend one-on-one time I could quickly diagnose what they were understanding and make adjustments to what I was doing based upon that understanding. The results were amazing because I was really able to bond with these kids.

“After school tutoring quickly became my favorite part of teaching.”

This “aha” that I could do more for my students (your children) as a tutor than as a teacher is what led me in 2002 to start Learning Ascent, the St Charles learning center.

My fundamental belief and our guiding principle is that every student can excel when given the right kind of personalized attention—the kind of attention that every teacher would like to give but is not able to because of classroom sizes and schedules.

If you have ever thought that your child had more potential and could achieve more than what his grades show, you are right and it’s not your fault.

With the right focus, advanced learning techniques and instruction to fill the educational gap in your child’s life, success and achievement come easily.

We look forward to helping your child at our St Charles learning center.

Jennifer Chapman

Jennifer Chapman
Parent and Founder of Learning Ascent

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