K-8 Tutoring
The Smartest Kids in South Elgin Think Ahead!

We have helped many, many parents by tutoring South Elgin kids since 2002.  Some only wish they had provided personalized academic support at our tutoring center earlier.  There is a leverage effect to youthful learning that carries throughout the school years, and even throughout a lifetime.  S Elgin schools lay a good foundation; and the synergies of classroom learning combined with personal tutoring magnify learning. You may not yet have considered the following during these early school years…  Time flies by so quickly. Before you know, your child’s GPA and ACT or SAT scores will determine college options and cost.  Childhood education support is the best college savings plan of all!

We have experience tutoring South Elgin students from:

Anderson Elementary School

Clinton Elementary School

Corron Elementary School

Fox Meadow Elementary School

Kenyon Woods Middle School

Otter Creek Elementary School

Tutoring South Elgin High School
Step Up to Success!

Dear South Elgin High School Students: We understand you are so very busy. We also understand how critical your GPA and ACT or SAT scores are for your future college costs and choices.  It is a competitive world, but you can still enjoy your high school years while realizing your college and career dreams! Now is the time to get going.  We can help.  You can accelerate your learning.  

We will show you how to increase your personal effectiveness, how to accomplish more with less time.  Other students call us their “secret weapon.”  Since 2002, so many of S Elgin’s smartest and most-improved students have allowed us to help them get accepted to better colleges—or to win a bigger scholarship at their dream school.  

Tough-subject tutoring is a start on your competitive advantage.  But our tutoring center is all about helping you to make all the right moves to be more successful.  Our tutoring center is 3 miles south of S Elgin.  You are that close to success!  Register with Learning Ascent now.

Test Prep
ACT or SAT – for College Bound Kids!

Many S Elgin students attend college. But not all fully appreciate the huge impact their ACT or SAT score has on their college choices–and college costs—until the opportunity to do something about it has passed.

The best time to begin strategizing your ACT or SAT schedule and “game plan” is the summer after your sophomore year in high school.   That summer is the start of your “crunch-time.”  If that summer is behind you, then call us now!  Don’t procrastinate, boxing yourself into a stressful schedule that can harm your scores.

Call us and we’ll help you to develop an ACT or SAT schedule and plan to manage your senior and junior years for test-prep success.   We’ve offered ACT and SAT Prep Classes and we’ve been tutoring South Elgin students since 2002.  Our tutoring center is 3 miles south of S Elgin.  You are that close to success.  See our five-star reviews, test tips, and score improvement guarantee!

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