Since 2002, Learning Ascent test prep professionals have helped thousands of Fox Valley students increase their ACT and SAT scores.

GPA and your ACT or SAT test scores are the largest determinants of which colleges will accept you, and how much those colleges will cost you.  Many thousands of dollars of scholarship money are at stake for every student.  SAT ACT Prep Classes are a great investment! Most important, realizing dreams, ambitions–even lifelong success and happiness–have often been attributed to a successful college experience.

Nearly four hours in length, the ACT or SAT will test not only your thinking, skills and abilities, but your stamina and energy level, too.  Just like a good marathon coach, Learning Ascent gets you into “testing shape.”  We offer weeks of high impact tips and practice leading up to your big day.  And we coach you with our 12 Week ACT  or SAT Countdown Checklist to show you exactly how to gain control of your busy life during the test prep process. You will have important details under control.  So you can focus.  So you can arrive to the test site calmly and confidently.  So you can maximize your score!

The ACT is a rigorous and demanding test. Nationally, several hundred thousand students recently re-took the ACT test, and the vast majority changed their score by one point or less (  Let Learning Ascent’s SAT ACT Prep Classes help you to beat those odds!  Prepare to be satisfied with your first test score!  Or you may benefit from an extra test attempt, building skills, knowledge, and stamina along the way.  Learning Ascent supports your progress with a satisfaction guarantee, so that eligible students may attend additional classes at no charge for up to six months— or until satisfied.

Our Guarantee:

After completing twenty hours of Test Prep (SAT ACT Prep Classes or Private Tutoring), if you are not satisfied with your ACT or SAT score gain, you may re-attend classes for up to six months without charge.

SAT & ACT Private Tutoring

SAT ACT prep classes

Private Tutoring occurs in our dedicated facility, at the times you schedule.  The student has the exclusive, face-to-face attention of the tutor for the entire tutoring session.  Online tutoring is also offered.  Or meet your tutor at our dedicated facility in St Charles–live and in-person! 20-hour purchase includes: Take-home Strategy Cards and Prep Book, The 12 Week ACT Countdown Checklist, and Satisfaction Guarantee.

Customized strategies to meet very specific goals of the student

One-to-one tutoring to meet the needs of the student.

Personalized plans based on your goals, needs & learning style. One-on-one attention.

Frequent adjustments to match your progress

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Pros and Cons: Private Tutoring vs Classes

More freedom to meet when you want

Meets the very specific ACT or SAT needs of the student

Number of hours is completely customized to the content area needs of the student

More expensive form of ACT & SAT Prep

Input is limited to tutor and student

Private Tutoring sessions may be combined with the ACT Class for the best of both worlds

SAT ACT Prep Classes

sat act test prep

Separately available SAT or ACT Prep classes.  Choose from a variety of set schedules.  St Charles location. Ten class sessions, two hours in length, totaling 20 hours in class. Program includes Take-home Strategy Cards and Prep Book, The 12 Week ACT or SAT Countdown Checklist, and Satisfaction Guarantee.


Dedicated Facility in St Charles (competing national chains use rent-by-night local hotel meeting rooms and may change your class location or time based on their enrollment)

Critical ACT & SAT test-taking and pacing techniques

Presentation of proven strategies to improve ACT or SAT test scores

Review of content necessary to be successful on the ACT or SAT

Realistic testing practice with proctored exams

Free Practice test

Practice in class with instructor and at home to improve scores

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Pros & Cons: Prep Classes vs Private Tutoring:

Most cost-effective method of test prep

Input from multiple students (collaboration)

Classes are less individualized than Private Tutoring

Student chooses the best fixed class schedule to meet their needs

SAT ACT Prep Classes may be combined with Private Tutoring for customization