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Over 50 of the best online homework help resources for parents and students!  See the resources that the best and brightest students use.  Homework is tough enough even with all the right tools.  These tools are selected to help you to learn. And to learn more quickly.  Finding the right tool for the right subject at the right time used to be a time-consuming chore.  Now you have all the best tools, reviewed and organized. And all in one place!



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1. ELEMENTARY Homework Help

Grammar Blast  (★★★)  Similar to IXL Language Arts, this site has grammar games and quizzes for elementary students.

Grammaropolis (★★★★) This site makes grammar, an often-tedious subject, into something fun and interactive! It is definitely geared toward younger children. But it can help students up to the eighth grade with several grammar concepts.

IXL Language Arts (★★★★) This site quizzes students on a variety of grammar and language arts concepts. It is organized by grade level as well as by topic.

Learn English Kids (★★★) Featuring miniature lessons and games. This site teaches students about basic grammar concepts, such as pronouns and adjectives.

Academy of Achievement (★★★) A much smaller selection than Infoplease. Features a variety of biographies about people chosen by Academy of Achievement as influential individuals.

Infoplease (★★★★) Featuring over 30,000 biographies. This siteis helpful for social studies or history projects.

Math.com (★★★★★) Provides mini-lessons on several math topics.  Ends with a quiz to gauge how much you learned.

Math Antics (★★★★) Run by a math teacher, this YouTube channel features video tutorials on several math concepts. It doesn’t update often. But the existing content —ranging from fractions to simple geometry— is very helpful.

Math Mammoth (★★★★) Maria Miller runs this YouTube channel, which features step-by-step lessons on several elementary math concepts. She clearly labels each video with the grade level typically associated with that particular topic. Maria has a bit of an accent, which might throw some viewers, but overall she is clear and teaches at an agreeable pace. She also has a stuffed animal mascot; a hit with younger students.

Web Math (★★★) The elementary section of this site is somewhat limited to the most basic math concepts. But the overall site has many other topics. Students can navigate using the topic tabs or the drop-down menu that lists more specific concepts. The explanations aren’t extremely detailed. But they help students to review quickly.

Bill Nye the Science Guy (★★★★★) This educational series from the ’90s is a favorite among kids of all generations. Bill presents science topics in a fun and interesting way that makes students excited to learn. Netflix has many, if not all, episodes available to stream. This can supplement students’ classroom learning or can provide some outside exploration on certain topics.

SciShow Kids (★★★★★) Run by John Green’s brother Hank. This channel covers specifically scientific topics. Could be extra learning for kids and could also supplement certain topics covered in school.

Extreme Science (★★★) Breaks down basic science concepts into subcategories (i.e. space/ocean/animal kingdom/etc). It can be a little hard to navigate. But with a little bit of patience, students can really learn here.

The Science Spot’s Kid Zone (★★★) This site has several pages and tutorials explaining the basics of biology, chemistry, and physics. It also links to other web resources.

Crash Course Kids (★★★★) For younger kids. Infrequent postings but the content is very educational.

Fact Monster  (★★★★★) Similar to Khan Academy (on-site pages on many different subjects) but a little more kid-friendly in design.  Also has games and activities to test student knowledge.

Homework Organization for Kids (★★★★) A few simple tips for youngsters that are just getting started with organization skills.

Khan Academy (★★★★★) Recommended by teachers and students alike. Khan Academy has resources for students of all grade levels and in all subject matters. From video tutorials to guided lessons. The site is easy to learn from and even easier to navigate.

Kid Info: (★★★) Homework help, reference resources, and useful search engines for kids.

Sheppard Software (★★★) Similar to Khan Academy (a variety of subjects) but a little more kid-friendly in design. Has games and activities, including a pretty good one for U.S. states and state capitals. Requires flash.

2. HIGH SCHOOL Homework Help

Grammarly  (★★★★★) This web extension checks your grammar across any platform, even social media. As long as you’re typing, it picks up on your grammar mistakes. Great for essays in any subject.

Guide to Grammar and Writing (★★★) Useful review of basic grammar concepts. The site is not aesthetically pleasing. But the information is all accurate and useful.

Gutenberg Project  (★★★★★) 18,000+ free classic books available for online reading.

Hemingway App (★★★★) This web-based app allows students to paste their essays into the space provided and receive instant feedback. It will highlight sentences that are difficult to understand and instances of passive voice. Take the feedback with a grain of salt. The app prefers simple structure and tries to eliminate adverb usage, as author Ernest Hemingway did. However, it does get students thinking about writing clearly and concisely, a skill that comes in handy on the ACT and SAT.

No Fear Shakespeare (★★★★) Many students struggle through Shakespeare, but this site makes it easy. Placing the modern translation next to the original text, No Fear Shakespeare guides students to a better understanding of these classic plays.

Purdue OWL (★★★★★) This site explains all the guidelines for certain kinds of formatting. Most schools use MLA, but Purdue OWL also teaches students how to use APA and Chicago style formatting. There are pages for each section of MLA format, and there is also a sample paper that visually demonstrates the formatting.

Calculus Practice Tests (★★★★) These quizzes and tests may not directly follow every student’s textbook. But they provide a comprehensive review of several calculus concepts.

Calculus.org  (★★★★) Host of calculus resources. From tutorials to step-by-step solutions to extra reading.

CPM Homework Help (★★★★★) An explanation of College Preparatory Mathematics, or CPM.  This applies to District 303 and elsewhere.

Paul’s Online Math Notes (★★★★) Math notes that can also be downloaded for free. There are also tutorials for several math topics.

PatrickJMT (★★★★) Resources and video tutorials for math. The home page looks overwhelming at first, but just keep in mind that the topics are listed alphabetically.

Symbolab (★★★★★) Students can type in math problems and the site works through the problems step by step.

Wolfram Alpha (★★★★★) Similar to Symbolab. This application works out math problems, from simple arithmetic to more advanced algebra and even calculus.

Periodic Videos (★★★★) An interactive periodic table that has videos explaining each element.

Professor Dave Explains (★★★★) This YouTube channel teaches science literacy and provides easy-to-understand tutorials for many science topics. The best way to navigate is through the playlists tab. The playlists are all labeled by subject.

123 Teach Me (★★★★★) Has Spanish educational games. But it mostly houses articles dedicated to specific grammar topics in Spanish. Most of these articles have quizzes as well, so students can test their knowledge as they go. This site supplements classroom learning, giving students helpful review on concepts they might not have understood completely the first time.

Coffee Break Spanish (★★★★) Organized by multiple seasons and difficulty levels. These podcasts teach several grammar concepts through conversations and also through more traditional lessons.

Conjuguemos (★★★★★) Although there are several other languages taught through this site, it is most often cited as a Spanish homework resource. Check out the short grammar lessons and quizzes for review on topics covered in class.

Podcasts in Spanish (★★★★) Students can listen to conversations between native Spanish speakers for further exposure to the language. Each episode also has a transcript and a worksheet. There are also different levels, so students can choose a recording that meets them where they are in proficiency.

Three Ways to Become a Better Spanish Student (★★★★★) Great quick tips to become a better Spanish student.

Crash Course (★★★★★) Created by YA author John Green, this channel offers crash courses on just about any subject. The Study Skills playlist is especially helpful.

Final Grade Calculator (★★★★) Tells students what they need to get on a final exam to achieve a certain grade in the class. All students need to know is how much the final is worth and what their current grade is.

Khan Academy  (★★★★★) Recommended by teachers and students alike, Khan Academy has resources for students of all grade levels and in all subject matters. From video tutorials to guided lessons, the site is easy to learn from and even easier to navigate.


Back To School Tips  (★★★★★) Blog post by the New York Public Library that helps parents prepare their children to return to school after summer vacation.

Core Connections, Course 1 (★★★★) Guides parents through math topics in Core Connections textbook, so that they are better able to aid their children with homework.

Core Connections, Course 3 (★★★★) Continuation of Course 1

Six Ways to Increase Math Confidence (★★★★★) Quick tips to build math confidence, which is essential for success.

What’s Your Executive Function? (★★★★★) Brief overview of this trendy topic within the education profession.

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