K-8 Tutoring
The Smartest Kids in Geneva Think Ahead!

Geneva has excellent schools; the synergy of classroom learning and personalized tutoring magnifies learning. You may not give it much thought in these early school years. Time goes by so quickly. Before you know it, your child’s GPA and ACT or SAT scores will determine college options and cost.

Early education support is the best college savings plan of all!

We have helped students from:

Geneva Middle School North

Geneva Middle School South

Fabyan Elementary School

Harrison Street Elementary School

Heartland Elementary School

Mill Creek Elementary School

Geneva High School Tutoring
Step Up to Success Vikings!

Dear Geneva High School Vikings: We know how busy you are—and we also know how important your GPA and ACT or SAT scores are for your college options and cost. In a competitive world, you can enjoy your high school years and still accomplish your college and career dreams! But it is time to get going and now.

We can help you to accelerate your learning. And we will show you how to be more effective, so you can accomplish more with less time. Let us be your “secret weapon.” Since 2002, many of Geneva High School’s smartest and most-improved Vikings have let us help them to get into better colleges—and even to earn bigger scholarships.

Everyone needs tough-subject coaching. Get it. Reserve your “Viking Time” with Learning Ascent now.

Test Prep
ACT or SAT – for College Bound Vikings!

Most Geneva Vikings attend college. But many do not fully realize the impact their ACT or SAT score has on college options–and cost—until it is too late. The ideal time to strategize your ACT or SAT schedule and “game plan” is that summer after sophomore year. Think of it as the start of “crunch-time.” If you’re beyond that, then call us now.

Don’t delay, trapping yourself into a stressful schedule that can hurt your scores. Call us and we’ll help you to optimize your ACT or SAT schedule so you can manage your junior and senior years for test-prep success.

We’ve offered ACT and SAT Prep Classes and in-person tutoring since 2002 just one mile north of Geneva. See our five-star reviews, test tips, and score improvement guarantee!

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New Customers receive 20%
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