Power of Positivity and ACT Success


Power of Positivity and ACT Success

Student attitude and involvement in the college prep process has a major impact on their success. If a student is physically present, but mentally or emotionally absent, they may not see any progression in their test score results. Likewise, a negative attitude can be a real nail in the coffin for college prep success. Therefore, students taking the ACT need to learn to harness the power of positivity. 


When you try something new, you might do poorly. It’s natural to feel discouraged. However, you almost certainly will do poorly if your learning attitude sucks. But you can learn from it. You can readjust your attitude.  Then you work on it. You get a coach — and then, you will get better.


Student Testimonial


One parent shared a story about their student’s negative attitude, and how her ACT scores were impacted:


On the first ACT test, Emily was apprehensive and did not use the power of positivity.  She was unsure what she wanted to do for college.  Emily did not want to take this test.  She did not want to get up early. Basically, Emily was pretty much checked out of the whole process.  Unfortunately, her results showed it.  She did not do well on the test. But as is nearly always the case, the failure is not nearly as important as the response to it.


Emily went back to work.  First, she adopted a better attitude about the whole process.  That is so important.  Studies show that when you have a positive attitude, your brain functions better. So that alone might have helped– but that was not all. She also started working with a private tutor at Learning Ascent, who taught and coached Emily for 20 hours for this comprehensive test.  Not only did the tutor give Emily tips and tricks for attacking the test, but with preparation and encouragement, the tutor helped Emily build the confidence that she could do well.  


Emily studied. She worked hard to master the material. She had a better attitude. The second time around, her results showed remarkable improvement. I am very proud to report that Emily’s overall score went up significantly on the second test. It’s great news. But to me, this is not the best part of the story. In the grand scheme of life, this is just one standardized test. It’s important to do well —  but more importantly, Emily learned how life works, and she learned the power of positivity.


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4 Tips to Use the Power of Positivity During ACT Prep

  • Brush up on tough subjects (We can help!)
  • Study and practice ahead of time
  • Test early – if you’re not pleased with your results, you can always re-take the test!
  • Get Help – a private tutor from Learning Ascent will boost your confidence and help you find the best test-taking strategy for you.


More ACT/SAT Prep Classes Coming Soon 


We plan to add some ACT and SAT prep classes to accommodate the volume of interested students. We’d love to know: do you prefer class on  Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday? Which day is best for you? Please reply to this email, or let us know here.


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