LA Summer Enrichment

LA Summer Enrichment

Dive Into Summer Learning with Learning Ascent!


Does your student love learning about dinosaurs and airplanes, building Lego models, and doing cool science experiments? Would you like them to make scholastic advances this summer? Perhaps you want them to start learning a language? Would you like to see them hone their math, reading, and writing skills? Does this sound like a pipe dream? Well, we have a program for you! Back by popular demand…


Learning Ascent presents the 2019 Summer Daily Double! 


With the Daily Double program, students will spend 20 hours with our smart energetic instructors – 2 hours at a time! Your student will work with the experts for one hour in an area of academic need or interest. For their second consecutive hour, your student will enjoy an enriching and fun educational experience. Check out the variety of learning activities available for selection. (Families must use their package before August 14, 2019 – June and July are optimal times to learn!)


Which of these areas of scholastic focus and enrichment activities are right for your student?


                             Scholastic Focus

Enrichment Fun

Math MattersCraft Airplanes
Writing WorkshopBuilding Lego Models
Reading EnrichmentScience Experiments and Observations
Science is SensationalExploring Animals and Dinosaurs
Foreign Language for KidsPlaying Games (Scrabble to Battleship)
 More about Cars and Trucks
 Sidewalk Chalk Discoveries
 “Hola Español” Games
 Learning to Draw
 Modeling Clay Activities


What does it cost?


  • K-8 Private Pack – $840 for 20 hours (10 hours of private scholastic tutoring + 10 hours of small group enrichment); includes all registration and materials fees


  • K-8 Semi-Private Pack – $690 for 20 hours (10 hours of semi-private scholastic tutoring + 10 hours of small group enrichment); includes all registration and materials fees


When does this all happen?


We work around your schedule! Most moms request morning hours. When is your child available? Learning Ascent Summer Hours are as follows: Mon – Thu 8:00 am to 7:00 pm | Fri 9:00 am – 1:00 pm(Availability is on a first come/first serve basis.)


The Daily Double program kicks off on June 10, 2019. Summer is a golden opportunity for students to take a giant step forward in their scholastic growth! Don’t let your student lose hard-won scholastic ground and forget what they have learned this summer.


How do I sign up?


Call us at 630-587-2795!


Learning Ascent Tutoring inspires student success today and tomorrow. Visit us at 2020 Dean Street, Unit N, St Charles, IL 60174.


Featured image credited to Rex Kevin Aggabao.

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