K-8 Tutoring


The Smartest Kids Think Ahead!

Too many parents wish they had better supported their children’s academic success earlier.  Skills, abilities, and confidence developed early bolster learning throughout school years.  Time flies! All too quickly your child’s GPA and ACT or SAT scores will determine college options and cost.  Early education support is the best college savings plan of all!

High School or College

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Step Up to Success!

Own it.  Your grades really matter now—for college and career.  You can accelerate your learning.  Since 2002, many of the Fox Valley’s smartest and most-improved students have walked through our doors. Some even called us their “secret weapon”. Everyone benefits from tough-subject coaching.  Get it.  Reserve your “Me Time” with Learning Ascent now.

Test Prep

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ACT or SAT – for College Bound Kids!

Summer after sophomore year—that’s the ideal time to strategize your ACT or SAT schedule and “game plan.”    Don’t delay, trapping yourself into a stressful schedule that can hurt your scores.  We’ve offered local ACT and SAT Prep Classes and in-person tutoring since 2002.  See our five-star reviews, test tips, and score improvement guarantee!

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